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Castlecrag Montessori School (CMS) is a fully accredited Early Childhood Centre. CMS meets all regulatory requirements imposed by Local, State and Federal Governments. These relate to Health and Safety, work practices, buildings, employment and education standards.

In specific education terms, Early Childhood programs are routinely subject to inspections from the Australian Children’s Education and Care Authority (ACECQA). Every five years, CMS undergoes thorough inspections of its program, teaching outcomes and classroom practices from the NSW Education Standards Authority. The next inspection by National Education Standards Authority will be in 2018.

The Montessori Program is a three-year program, with the third and final year called Extended Day meeting the National Education Standards Authority requirements for the Kindergarten year and provides the prefect bridge to elementary education.

Importantly, CMS is one of a few schools in Sydney undergoing an additional overlay of accreditation through the Montessori Quality Assurance Program (MQAP). CMS has a proud 28 year history of providing an exceptional quality authentic Montessori education to local 3-6 year old students.

The start of something wonderful. . .