School Management Structure

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Castlecrag Montessori School is an Incorporated Association managed by an executive committee. The committee is governed by the Rules of Association.

Members of the executive committee are volunteer parents elected annually by the parent body at the Annual General Meeting or elected by a majority committee to fill casual vacancies. The executive committee is responsible for managing the non-teaching affairs of the school: staffing, finances, enrolments, building and grounds maintenance, school policies (non-teaching) etc. The committee manages the affairs of the school according to a code of conduct (set out in the policy handbook) and is collectively accountable for all executive committee matters.

Parent meetings occur once a term on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm. All parents are welcome at these informal meetings, which provide an opportunity for parents to have a say in the running of the school. Monthly accounts and correspondence are presented, enrolment levels discussed and any other matters worked through. If there is any matter concerning confidential information, only relevant parties will be invited to participate. Confidential matters are also discussed in executive meetings one week prior to parent meetings.

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a formal occasion when new executive committee members are elected and other committee positions filled. If there is a major issue requiring the full participation of the parent body, such as amendments to the Rules of Association or changes in the fee structure, any motion is advertised and distributed according to the Rules of Association. Discussion and voting takes place at the AGM. If at any other time there is any major issue requiring the full participation of the parent body, an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is called and parents notified accordingly.

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