Kate Hooke and Michael Bray

“Our son started at Castlecrag Montessori School (CMS) in June 2010 as an enthusiastic, bubbly and somewhat scatty 3 year old. Around the time of his 5th birthday he started Extended Day and in December 2012 having completed his 2 1/2 years at CMS it was sadly time for our family to move on to the next stage of his education. Excitingly though our somewhat scatty 3 year old had transformed into a lovely, motivated, confident, considerate and focused 5 1/2 year old … well most of the time anyway!

CMS is so much more than a school and our whole family really cherrished our time being part of the CMS community. We got very involved in the school and consequently we have made the most wonderful friends – friendships that have enriched our family life and have extended well beyond school hours and our actual attendance at the school.

During his time at CMS, particularly during his time in Extended Day, our little boy developed into a big boy. He became compassionate, responsible (most of the time) and independent. He developed leadership skills and a genuine love of learning. The Montessori approach to early education really nurtured in him the most wonderful range of foundation skills that he will take with him into the future wherever he goes and whatever he does. He went straight into Year 1 at our local primary school and has thrived, he just loves school. He is doing well academically, has made great friends and his teacher said to me last week out of the blue that he has been a pleasure to have in her class this year. What more could a parent wish for!

As parents who value education, I am also so pleased that my husband and I chose to invest in our sons early education by sending him to CMS and more importantly that we were committed to the full program which provided him with the opportunity to really blossom in Extended Day. We believe it is an investment and commitment that well and truly paid off. Thank you Castlecrag Montessori School.”


The start of something wonderful. . .