Samantha Tunbridge and Todd Carey

“Ben absolutely loved being at Castlecrag Montessori School and we feel it was a perfect start to his education. The calm, organised environment as well as the warmth and kindness of the staff made him feel so welcome and at home everyday. We found that as he attended for half a day, five days a week he really felt a strong sense of belonging. As a younger child, he looked up the extended day students and and was full of pride when he became one of them himself. The opportunity to be a leader of your group at such a young age was a wonderful opportunity and something that he took seriously. It gave him so much pleasure to help the smaller children. He has developed strong, enduring friendships with younger and older children from his class and their siblings. As a result he feels very comfortable making friends with people outside his immediate peer group.

After graduating from Extended Day he enrolled in year 1 at public school and it was definitely the right decision. An had felt he was ready for year 1 and we felt the same way, he’d already completed his kindy year and was well and truly ready for the next step. I really liked it being a parent-run school and enjoyed performing my volunteer roles. The staff led by Annabel and An are exceptional people as well as being excellent educators.”


The start of something wonderful. . .