Little Seeds – Our Under 3’s Program

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Start your Montessori journey with us!

Little Seeds is our under 3’s Montessori program, which is aimed at parents who want to better understand the Montessori philosophy for child development.

The carefully prepared environment is set up with your child in mind considering their development and interest. The prepared environment is welcoming, calm, and orderly. Beautiful wooden materials are used which are developmentally appropriate, functional, and purposeful – they promote concentration and independence at this stage. All the activities can be easily done at home and modified according to the needs of your family. A well supported child both at home and at school can be a happy, confident and independent learner.

A parent and their child can attend a weekly session during term time. Each term runs for 8 weeks:

Parent Toddler (14 to 36 months) – Wednesday 9am to 10:30am and Thursday 9:30am to 11am

Parent Infant (4 to 14 months) – Wednesday 11am to 12noon

The programs are facilitated by Nikki, an early childhood teacher with many years of experience as a Montessori guide. It is a great introduction to Montessori philosophy where the adults are learning alongside their children.

If you wish to enrol to the program BOOK NOW or for more information, click here to fill out our Request for Information form.

You can also view Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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